Meet the On Track Wellness Team

Title : Owner and Wellness Advocate
Special skills: Essential oils, yoga, fitness, and wellness

Title : Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor

Denise's journey began 15 years ago when she lost 80 pounds after tipping the scale at 200 pounds. She embarked on a fitness and nutrition regimen and decided to become a personal trainer.

She now spends her life empowering others to be their personal best through her knowledge and passion for fitness. She truly believes best part of training is getting to know my clients specific and unique needs as well as helping them achieve the mind/body connection.

Title : Yoga Instructor

Veronica is a yoga teacher, mindfulness facilitator who has been practicing in Healing and Wellness. She understands that a healthy mind helps create a healthy body through practicing mind-body connection. She has a background in Healthcare Administration but her true desire is promoting Integrative Medicine. She focuses on the individuals whole person (mind, body and spirit), including all aspects of lifestyle. Her desire is to share the beauty of healing with an open heart, and she does it with authenticity, integrity, creating a nurturing environment for people to experience their live with ease, grace, and courage.

Veronica states, ” Yoga and Reiki has deeply connected my mind to work synergistically with my body and helping me and many others live better in their body everyday.”

Special skills: Yoga/Reiki

Title : Personal Trainer

Mat is a NASM certified personal trainer, with a strong military and martial arts background. He aim's to optimize both my own and each individual that I work with to maximize your health and fitness potential!

Special skills: Kickboxing, personal training, military style workout

Title : Yoga Instructor

Elena’s roots stem from an extensive dance background of various dance styles. She found her first love for movement & performing over 15 years ago. In 2009, Elena was in a near fatal car accident as a passenger. Using acupuncture, physical therapy & massage therapy to heal – someone had recommended yoga. In 2009 her yoga journey began. Finding a place of comfort & sense of home on her mat, yoga allowed her to be vulnerable and remain present in the moment. Yoga helped the recovery process of the physical, mental & emotional trauma that came from the accident. From 2009 and onward, yoga made a huge impact on her life, regardless of any distractions and challenges she faced. It was an on and off commitment, but she always found her way back. She knew from the very moment she took her first class at Flex Hot Yoga that she found her purpose, or dharma. Struggling with anxiety throughout the years, yoga saved her life – keeping her healthy, focused and out of harm’s way. The constant pressure of the high strung energy living in New York often interfered with sense of true self. You see, it was never about competing – although she loves the dance world. She knew there was a deeper purpose for her being, an intense desire – much more than the physical, beyond putting on a show or winning a competition. There was an extensive and immense urge to be free, to have an open mind and heart, to find peace within, to heal the wounds, to build confidence in being herself – and her yoga mat was the only place she truly felt that.
In November of 2017, she decided to do some major inner-self growth & healing, and travelled to Thailand alone, to ignite this on-going urge to explore and make a lifelong commitment to Yoga, fully knowing she wants to teach & share her passion. Completing her 200 hour Hatha intensive teacher training abroad with Tania Winstanley (owner of the Yoga Mat) & Ram Vakkalanka through the Spiritual Yoga school (based in London, affiliated Yoga Alliance) – it became official. In that very moment, all the questions, self doubt & uncertainty all these years were uncovered and serve purpose. She doesn’t just go with the flow anymore, she is creating her flow; becoming her truest self, acknowledging that everything is exactly as it should be. The timing is Divine. She shares her love of yoga with those who desire a deeper sense of self aligning the heart and mind through physical movement, breathing exercises & meditation. No judgment, no expectations. She encourages & welcomes students of all levels in her classes. Yoga comes in all shapes, sizes & personalities. She is dedicated to teaching from the heart and creating a safe & comfortable space for students to explore the space between effort, ease and creativity. Fun fact, Elena is training in circus arts for 2 years at MaryannsAerials!

Title : Yoga Instructor

After a long struggle of finding a career that captured her mind, body, and soul, Katie Olstrom found yoga. Katie would go to yoga to find balance in her daily life after exhausting days working in retail. One day she felt enlightened and realized that this could potentially be the change she was looking for…she could teach yoga! Being that Katie already had a deep spiritual way of life, she was confident this was her destiny. She grew up in Northern Jersey and was always around nature. She has always appreciated and respected the gifts from Mother Earth.
When Katie started to see the truth about reincarnation, of souls being recycled, she began to recognize how certain people felt more connected to her. That is how she was spiritually connected to her husband! She always took people as she found them and accepted

them for who they are. Katie knows this is a huge part of what yoga is all about-acceptance, especially when you are honest and open with yourself.

She also has a certificate in “Mindful Resilience,” helping Veterans and others who suffer from PTSD. Being she has had it in the past, she can relate to those who have experienced it. With Katie’s caring and nurturing nature she can help people trust again.
Katie always listens with an open mind and open heart. She believes this is a true way to communicate hoping that others will follow. Katie’s class has a vibrant energy that will leave you feeling uplifted and help you zen out!

Special skills: Yoga/ Stretching